A rodent

A rodent

It's tough to be tall
And strong like a wall
And yes, the bigger they are
the harder they fall

I have warts full of tar
and I've come from afar
They see me as bad
when I sit in the bar

Sure I'm deeply sad
With the life I have had
But I've still got my life
And of that I am glad

I've never had a wife
No need for a single strife
Thank god I never wed
I might have pulled a knife

Young lovers with cheeks so red

Hah, I stick to myself instead

Another time, another place

That’s what I think in my head


Of this, my heart has a little trace

But it’s to my friends I say grace

It is true

They light up even the saddest face

Postat av: Janina

Fröding inspiration maybe :) ? Bra dikt !! :D

2010-02-10 @ 22:06:39
URL: http://janinapina@blogg.se

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